Dog Poop Removal Service in Crown Point IN

Never Pick Up Poop Again!

Let Us Do The Dirty Work For You!

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We Pick Up Poop So You Don’t Have To.

Region Scoopers is dedicated to professional dog waste cleanup. Our technicians will service just about anything – from residential yards to apartments or HOA’s.

Region Scoopers will not only make life more convenient and enjoyable, but safe for the entire family. Especially the four-legged family members!

Recurring Services


Our most popular option. Weekly services are sure to make your yard stay fresh and clean. This option is highly recommended for households with more than one dog.

Every Two Weeks

Dog poop removal services two times per month is a great option for households with one dog, that might not poop very often, but will still help keep your yard clean and fresh.

Once a month

Great option to test our services. Our technicians can come regularly once a month, or as needed. This is also a best seller for gifting our services to a family member, friend, or neighbor.

Yard Sanitizer & Deodorizing

The active ingredients in our system has been shown in numerous tests to be effective against

Region Scoopers Yard Sanitization and Deodorizing

Keeping your yard clean and sanitized is crucial for the health and safety of your family and pets. Our yard sanitization treatment is specially designed to eliminate harmful bacteria and germs from your yard, making it a safer and healthier environment for your furry friends. Not only does it kill unwanted germs in your dog’s waste, but it also helps to neutralize unpleasant odors, making your yard smell fresher and cleaner.

Our system utilizes a cost-effective and secure disinfectant/deodorant. Through the Sanitizer hose-end applicator, a controlled amount of a chlorine-based disinfectant, namely calcium hypochlorite, is dispensed. This disinfectant functions similarly to bleach in terms of sanitization, but without the harmful side effects. This is utilized every day by veterinarians, vet clinics, veterinary hospitals, animal shelters, dog boarding kennels, pet care centers, doggy daycares, and animal breeders with extraordinary success.

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Eco Friendly



Plant Safe

Plant Safe

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Your Fur Buddy's Friendly
Pooper Scoopers
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Why Choose Region Scoopers For Your Home?

Our friendly technicians get the job done quickly and thoroughly. Every inch of your outdoor space will be fresh, clean, and ready for footsteps.

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Our technicians will send you a message when they are on the way with an estimated arrival time.

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Our technicians always provide a safe environment for you and your dogs. We always sanitize our equipment after every house and make sure your gate is closed and locked up before we leave.

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We want you to be satisfied — 100% of the time. Should we ever fall short, just let us know. We'll either re-service your yard, or cover your next service FREE.

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Working With Us
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What Your Neighbors Have
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Dog Waste Removal in Crown Point IN

I’m very happy because John was very professional and he is easy to work with! A clean yard means 2 happy pups and less work for me! They do a great job. I highly recommend their Pet waste removal service.

Sarah Albrecht

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Dog Waste Removal Crown Point IN

John was very professional. He serviced my grandmothers yard since she is unable to clean up often, and it looks fantastic. We now have her on a biweekly schedule with him. Definitely worth the money because of great pet waste removal service!

Erica Garner

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Dog Waste Removal in Crown Point

Region Scoopers Dog waste removal arrived on time, they texted me 10 minutes before arriving so I could have dogs put up. Awesome experience. I Highly recommend this company to anyone that needs this service!

Sheli Anderson

Ready To Enjoy Your Yard, Without The Dirty Work?